Adriatic & continental food

Prepare yourself for one of the best food on the planet Earth that you can find! As the late Anthony Bourdain said: You are a f***in idiot if you don't taste the local food in Croatia, (especially sea food). Same we can confirm for all other destinations where you can travel with us! Super tasty Bosnian, Montenegrian food as well as food in Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and of course famous Mexican food on the Yucatan peninsula and Riviera Maya. Feel free to ask for more information and food recommendation! Welcome to food paradise!

Lunch at Plitvice lakes by Drago Travel.
Mixed meat with cevapi by Drago Travel
Squid on the grill by Drago Travel
Breakfast by Drago Travel
Special 1st class fish from the owen
Tuna grilled steak in Split, Croatia by
Famous Croatian oysters by Drago Travel.
Croatian mix meat plate by Drago Travel.
Grilled octopus by Drago Travel
filled squeeds by Drago Travel
Fish on the grill by Drago Travel
Chicken filled with Gorgonzola cheese
Warm sandwich in Montenegro by Drago Tra
Breakfast in Montenegro by Drago Travel.
Perfect dessert by Drago Travel
Strawberry cake by Drago Travel
Dessert by Drago Travel
Desserts by Drago Travel